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About Age Management

While we can't stop aging, we can manage the process, reduce symptoms, improve function, and help you live better. Premier Age Management employs a comprehensive evidence-based approach to optimizing your health and function while focusing on patient safety, wellness, and prevention.

We develop a wellness program for our patients that includes:
Fitness assessment and direct access to elite exercise specialists
Nutrition and diet plans lead by our physician and weight management counselor
Hormone replacement and optimization
Preventive and wellness medicine with advanced medical screening and exams
Body composition and aerobic capacity testing
Nutraceutical, herbal, and vitamin therapies
Selected prescription medications as needed
Ongoing education and personal interaction with our physician through regular clinic visits, handouts, phone calls, and unlimited email
The decline in hormones which cause predictable symptoms of aging is called Andropause in men and Menopause in women. You may have experienced some of the following symptoms:
  • Declining sexual interest or function
  • Decreased energy, drive, and motivation
  • Increased body fat or loss of lean muscle
  • Reduction in strength and cardiovascular condition
  • Slower healing and physical recuperation
  • More injuries, muscle and joint aches, and illness
  • Irritability, anxiety, and mild depression
  • Less restful sleep
  • Slower mental function and memory

Don't accept declining physical function and reduced activity as normal aging! Age Management Medicine is a specialized field that not only focuses on making you look, feel, and function better, but it also addresses prevention to lessen your risk of major medical conditions. It is a shift in thinking from illness to prevention!

Premier Age Management's comprehensive program is focused on improving your quality of life. Our physician director develops your treatment protocol and personally monitors your progress at each visit. We tailor hormonal therapy based on your symptoms and laboratory results. We combine individualized hormonal treatments with nutrition counseling, exercise guidance, vitamin/herbal/prescription medications, and preventive medicine strategies to maximize your health. Expect Healthier Aging!

About Our Medical Director

John Kocka M.D. is the Medical Director of Premier Age Management. He is responsible for planning and personally monitoring each patient's individualized program. Dr. Kocka trained at the Cleveland Clinic where he completed his residency in Family Medicine with special interests in preventive and sports medicine. Prior to founding Advanced Health Clinic & Premier Age Management, he was the Medical Director at the Twinsburg Urgent Care and Twinsburg Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Kocka has served as the Medical Director of the NASA Glenn Medical clinic for 3 years and is a Major in the Air Force Reserve.

In addition to his Board Certification in Family Medicine, Dr. Kocka is board certified in Age Management from the American Academy of Anti Aging, physician certified by the Age Management Medical Group and physician certified by the Cenegenics Medical Institute. He is a member of the International Hormone SocietyInternational Society For the Study of the Aging Male and the Endocrine Society and the American College of Sports Medicine. Through these societies, their publications and conferences, he remains up to date with the latest research and protocols in the field of preventive medicine.

Dr. Kocka offers unique knowledge and experience outside his physician experience. He has served as medical director of NASA Glenn's Medical Services, former medical director of the Twinsburg Urgent Care, Medical Director at Advanced Health & Wellness and in private family practice. With his interest in sports conducted in the ring, his experience includes service on the Ohio State Athletic Commission as a fight doctor including physician for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He has won multiple natural bodybuilding and martial arts competitions. Dr. Kocka has stopped competing but his passion and commitment to weight training, functional training, exercise, nutrition, and health remains a daily part of his life serving as an example to his patients. He has also been a highly competitive mixed martial artist with a background in a variety of styles and coached at Strong Style Martial Arts. He is currently the medical advisor for Strong Style MMA & Fitness Center. Dr. Kocka believes in practicing the medicine and lifestyle he preaches to his patients. Through these and other unique experience, he offers additional knowledge and insight to his patients into health and wellness. 

Dr. John Kocka, M.D.

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