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The best way to begin your path to optimal health is to call us. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that are not answered on the web site. We are available to answer your calls Monday through Friday at our office.

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We are located in Brecksville Ohio, the crossroads of greater Cleveland, and are easily accessible by I-77 and I-480. Call to schedule your consultation.

Our patients are screened with questionnaires, detailed history & physical and comprehensive laboratory testing. Dr. Kocka will structure an individualized treatment plan that will fit your unique profile. These include FDA approved Bio-Identical Hormones, high grade nutritional supplements, herbal & vitamin prescriptions, guidance with diet plans and exercise programs. We will inform patients if they are not candidates for the program based on history and laboratory testing.  This program is for those patients who are concerned with optimal function and health. 

Dr. Kocka is happy to provide acute medical care outside of this program unless restricted by your insurance company. We accept all major insurance, for general care outside the program. Visit 

Screening Fee
We discounted our screening appointments significantly to remove barriers in scheduling your wellness consult. Your program will begin after your screening visits with the physician to determine if you are a candidate that would benefit from our Age Management program. If you are not an appropriate candidate, you will not receive any additional charges.
Outside Cleveland/Akron:
If you are a patient outside the Cleveland/Akron area, call us to arrange an altered visit schedule. We will work with you to coordinate in-office and phone consults.  
Fee: We charge a reasonable annual fee for the Age Management Program, with discount for renewals.  We promise our patients outstanding service and commitment.
Laboratory Testing: Laboratory studies are typically covered by insurance with appropriate symptoms and diagnoses. Any patient without insurance will be granted our clinic discount at Labcorp Laboratories. We can draw your blood on sight. We submit a comprehensive list of tests to provide us detailed information about your hormones and general health. 
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