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Hormone Replacement

The goal of hormone replacement therapy is to replace these natural hormones, in balance, to youthful optimal levels. There are several important hormones you may receive depending on laboratory evaluation. Our physician prescribes FDA approved bio-identical hormones, natural hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones in your body.
Prior to any prescriptions, we perform a comprehensive blood and/or urine analysis which identify deficiencies and provide clinical data about general health and medical risk. Once patients start hormones and other medications, we perform frequent laboratory testing and periodic examination to ensure the safety and efficacy of treatment.
All hormone prescriptions and individualized replacement plans are directed by our certified physician. Patients are also given nutritional and exercise guidance with direct access to a nutritionist and exercise specialist as these strategies all work together to give our patients the best results and medical benefits.

Hormone Treatments Overview

The primary male sex hormone is found in men and women. A sharp decline in testosterone has disastrous consequences in males. Mainstream medicine now recognizes male "andropause", or testosterone deficiency that causes symptoms with age. Deficiency is directly related to loss of muscle, increase in abdominal fat, loss of strength and conditioning, reduced bone mass, poor energy, drive and competitiveness, depression and mental slowing.
Most doctors not familiar with detailed hormone replacement decline to replace testosterone unless your blood levels are below reference range. We believe replacing testosterone to the upper third of a healthy reference range assists with optimal functions. More
Estrogen, the female sex hormone is actually three hormones. Low estrogen causes many symptoms in females including: weakening of bones, abnormal cholesterol, increased arterial plaque in mental function, urinary and vaginal infections, elevated diabetes risk, colon cancer and possible increase in Alzheimer's disease.
Your physician can direct you in specific dietary measures and medication to decrease your estrogen levels as necessary. More
DHEA is the most abundant hormone in the human body and serves many roles. It is a weak androgen produced by your adrenal glands. DHEA is one of the first hormones to decline with age and contributes to the symptoms and decreased physical function with aging. Improvements in body composition and positive effects on the immune system and inflammatory markers can be realized through DHEA itself. The destructive properties of excessive cortisol can also be counteracted through DHEA.
While DHEA can be purchased over the counter, these supplements are not regulated and can contain impurities, contaminants, made from poor raw material and variable strength. Prescription and pharmaceutical grade compounds are superior. More
Stimulating Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is responsible for the growth and repair of all tissues in the body, including: muscles, skin, bone, tendons, ligaments, and organs. HGH levels rise sharply before age 20, peak, and then decline thereafter. Most people have declining levels after age 35, but HGH replacement is the standard of care only with significant deficiency from a pituitary cause under strict testing criteria. Stimulating natural production is preferred. Growth hormone deficiency contributes to the visible and physiologic effects of aging. While HGH is under scrutiny from its inappropriate use by athletes, we uphold the American Academy of Anti-Aging’s (A4M) & AMMG’s philosophy on stimulating natural growth hormone as being significantly beneficial to aging patients who are deficient in this hormone with minimal risks when properly dosed and monitored. More

Thyroid Hormones (T3 and T4)
Healthy thyroid function is critical to the function of all other hormones in the body. At Premier Age Management, we screen all our patients for thyroid disorders prior to the program and monitor thyroid function throughout the treatment. At Premier Age Management, we screen all our patients for thyroid disorders prior to the program and monitor thyroid function throughout the treatment. More
Melatonin is a natural hormone that plays a major role in setting the body's internal clock and circadian rhythms. In addition, melatonin may slow free-radical cellular damage and is a potent anti-oxidant. More
Pregnenolone is used by the body to produce DHEA, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone. Optimal levels of Pregnenolone are important for mental health and ability. Clinical research has shown pregnenolone to be effective increasing job performance and learning in a cross section of individuals of various ages. More
Progesterone has anti-cancer properties. While it is known to protect the lining of the uterus in post-menopausal women and decreases the risk of breast and uterine cancer. It is known to promote relaxation in the brain. Premier Age Management uses progesterone cream or micronized bioidentical oral pills for replacement in females. More
Vitamin D-3
Vitamin D is not only a vitamin, it is also a hormone. Vitamin D has long been known to increase calcium absorption and strengthen bones. At Premier Age Management, we give deficient patients prescription or pharmaceutical grade Vitamin D-3 which is superior to over the counter products and monitor levels. More

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